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Today, a section of the corporate world of modern India is afflicted by chronic and lifestyle disease burden. This can be attributed to project deadlines, work pressure, peer competition, irregular eating habits along with intake of junk foods, stresses at workplace and sedentary lifestyle- devoid of physical activity & exercise. These all have collectively taken a toll on the Mind and Body of these young corporate individuals.

With India corporate world facing stiff challenges of mental stress and burnout, the new dimension of occupational healthcare has emerged. A perceptible change has consequently taken place in the way employee fitness is being perceived in the past couple of years as the pronounced need to keep employees fit is being increasingly realized by the corporates.
Investing in employees health is beginning to find a foothold in the Indian corporate world, as it assures a return of investment. Employee wellness demonstrates a real contribution to company revenues since promoting employee health is a proven key to controlling healthcare costs. It also helps in building healthy team spirit and enhancing productivity.

The corporates have realized that if the health of their employees is not sound, it may translate into:
  • Loss of Work Productivity
  • Absenteeism and Late coming
  • Targets and goals not achieved in time
  • Increasing health expenses on employees
  • Larger insurance premiums and hospital bills
  • High Employee attrition rates  
This is where Basil Corporate Wellness Program steps in and thereby raises the standard for providing healthcare service.

Benefits of Basil Corporate Wellness Program are:
  • Providing a portrait of current health status of your employees along with health risks
  • Enable you to assess employee’s health status over time.
  • Engage both employers and employees in the health management process
  • Help to retain top talent
  • Aiding to enhance productivity of your company
  • Lower health insurance coverage cost of your employee
  • Promoting healthy employee- healthy workplace
  • Educate employees about wellness and how to engage in healthy lifestyle.

Basil Corporate Wellness Program will help to reduce healthcare spending, will increase productivity of the company and a make a happy and healthy workforce!!!

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs
 To provide wellness solution via integrated medical therapies for better productivity of your company.
 Wellness has been wrongly concluded as ‘disease free’s state. But WELLNESS has a broader spectrum.